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K&K Air Duct Cleaning Services and Dryer Vent Cleaning Expert and Professional Service – K&K Air Duct Cleaning Services in Maryland, DC and Virginia – Service Equipment

We probably charge just a bit more than the amateur companies, but K&K Air Duct Cleaning Service is serious and the price of hiring a certified true professional isn’t much more than what you would pay for the amateur company.

K&K Air Duct Cleaning Service is the local expert you can trust when it comes to cleaning your dryer vents, diagnose and repair!

For inspections, and repairs to new dryer vents –you just found the experts that homeowners and property managers go to when the job requires a qualified professional.

We Carry The Best Professional Equipment Ever Designed.

Our trucks are equipped with every single piece of professional equipment ever designed. This is what it takes to make sure a good dryer cleaning job is done.

We use industrial equipment to enter your Dryer vent Clean, scrub them from end to end, and loosen up all dust, contamination, debris, lint, clogs, nests, etc. The right tools for even the toughest jobs!