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Inspect, Diagnose & Repair – Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Inspect, Diagnose & Repair – Dryer Vent Cleaning

This how "K&K Air Duct Cleaning Services" will inspect, diagnose, and repair your dryer vent problems to make sure your dryer vent is safe and up to code. These are some of the codes and guidelines that we have simplified to make it easier for homeowners to understand. We use IRC and IMC codes as well manufacturers best practices to inspect dryer vents.

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We start with the basics:

• check for disconnected ducts
• moisture problems
• broken ducts
• clocks
• incorrect material

A clothes dryer will vent about a gallon of water for each load of laundry. If the dryer vent is disconnected and in a crawlspace, attic, or other building cavity, the potential for moisture-related damage is significant.
We find a lot of rotten roof sheeting because the dryer was venting inside the attic. Mold problems are common as well when a dryer is leaking air or venting inside the house.

The Duct

According to the requirements of the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) M1502, the clothes dryer exhaust duct should be made of metal, with No. 28-gauge thickness, a smooth interior finish, and a duct diameter of 4 inches.

Transition: the most commonly overseen dryer vent problem

A transition is the visible piece of duct connecting the dryer to the wall duct. It is allowed to be up to 8 feet long and should never go through the wall. Transition ducts must be visible and not concealed within construction.
Most ducts made of vinyl, nylon or foil are not recommended. If used, they will void the warranty of most dryers. These flexible accordion type designs because:

• do not meet code sizing and material specifications
• they trap lint,
• obstruct the air flow
• clog the duct
• require the dryer to work harder
• longer to dry clothes
• cause increase of dryer’s temperature
• wastes energy


The termination outside the building should be located at least 3 feet from any other building opening, and at least 10 feet from an air conditioner or heat pump condenser. The duct termination should be fitted with a closeable damper (a backdraft damper).
A mesh may not be installed at the duct terminus (2009 IRC M1502.3), as it can trap debris, which poses a fire hazard.
• Check the termination for birds’ nests, debris and damage.


Problems of Dryer Venting

The 10 top dryer vent problems:

• Clean the lint filter before or after each load of laundry.
• Remove any visible lint within the dryer.
• At least once a year, have a professional technician clean the dryer exhaust pipe.
• Gas dryers should be cleaned and serviced regularly by a professional.
• Install a smoke alarm in the laundry area.
• Install a CO alarm in the laundry area for a gas dryer.
Call or email K&K Air Duct Cleaning Services to have your dryer inspected or cleaned if you prefer a professional to do it for you.


ENERGY STAR Version 3, (Rev. 07)
HVAC System Quality Checklist, Local Mechanical Exhaust. Clothes dryers vented directly to outdoors, except for ventless dryers equipped with a condensate drain.
2009 IECC
This topic is not specifically addressed in the 2009 IECC.
2009 IRC
Section M1502.2 Independent exhaust system. Dryer exhaust systems to be independent of all other systems and convey the moisture to the outdoors, unless listed and labeled condensing (ductless) dryers are used.
2012 IECC
This topic is not specifically addressed in the 2012 IECC.
2012 IRC
Section M1502.2 Independent exhaust system. Dryer exhaust systems to be independent of all other systems and convey the moisture to the outdoors, unless listed and labeled condensing (ductless) dryers are used.

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We used K&K Air Duct Cleaning for the first time and we are very pleasant with their professional and responsiveness. Sarah was very welcoming and helpful. She was also very knowledge by answering all the questions we asked. Mohamed and his partner were also very professional and willing to meet our accommodation needs. They were very patient and took their time to check the system and clean them out. They showed us how much debris out there and that explained why we experienced some allergies lately. We were very glad that we hired them and we would definitely use their service again in the future. Thank you for everything!
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K&K guys arrived with masks and shoe covers and were on time for the scheduled dryer vent cleaning. Set up was not too invasive and they left everything as they found it when the vent cleaning was done.They were all very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to others and do business with them again.
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Great company. The technicians arrived on time and explained which services they thought we needed/didn’t need. The technician said we only needed air duct cleaning and not dryer/furnace cleaning. He saved us a lot of money!